About Me

Hi there. I’m Lauren. Or as some call me, Len.  I decided to start this blog as a creative space; sharing my ideas, passions, lifestyle and current interests. Because we live in an ever-changing world, I find it important to evolve ourselves with it.  If we do not evolve, we do not grow. I believe self growth – for our minds, souls and bodies – is key to a happy life.  The content on my blog includes – beauty, health, style and a vlog category where I like to capture special life moments. Disclaimer: I am not protesting that I am an expert in any of these areas, however, I enjoy following the latest trends and looking for different, unique ways to better improve overall lifestyle.  I see myself as an adventurous, positive and imaginative gal who not only wants to inspire herself, but also influence others to create the beautiful life they have always wanted to live.

XOXO – Len