Summer Style Series: Bargain Hunting, Sandal Edition

If you’re a shoe lover like me, you appreciate finding quality pairs of shoes on a budget. It can be done – believe it or not. Brand names don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are my tips when it comes to summer sandal bargain hunting

  1. ASK – don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate if the store is offering a discount at the moment. 
  2. SURF THE WEB – following fashion blogger accounts that relate to bargain shopping is always a quick way to learn about a deal.
  3. DON’T JUMP THE GUN – purchasing the first item you see on the web is sometimes not good for the wallet. Instead, place the item in your cart and browse the web to see if you can find the item at a lower cost. Or, go to some in-store retailers to see if they have your item or something like it.
  4. LINGO – educated yourself on the language used with discounts, sales and BOGOs. Sometimes the offers in stores don’t match what they’re advertising.
  5. PLAN – planning out the items you want to purchase is important. Think about what you need, what could be a benefit to add to your collection. Planning avoids a waste of money. 
  6. PAY IN CASH – paying in cash is key. Piling up the credit card bill is never a good thing, cash helps you keep track of where you’re money is going.. So make sure it’s worth it!

I recently went to TJ Maxx specifically looking for flat summer sandals. I chose TJ Maxx because I always have luck there and I believe they have great quality for great price. For example, I found three pairs of beautiful, flat summer sandals. The brands were Vince Camuto, BCBG Generation, and Steve Madden – all higher quality brands. Each pair was adorable and I wanted them all, but first I had to decide about the prices. The Vince Camuto’s were marked on sale at $24, they had originally been $70 then discounted to $49.99 and eventually put on sale to $24. The Steve Madden’s were marked at the same price of $24 and the BCBG Generation’s at $19.99.  Because each of these sandals were marked down multiple times, I knew I must have them. But I wanted to make sure that the mark downs were not because of defects. I checked each pair a couple times and tried them on and walked around. All seemed well so I purchased! This little story was just to share an example of how I shop for bargains and what I look for in items I purchase. I hope you found this helpful! 

Until next time beauties! Xx


Denim Lookbook | Missguided

“Give a girl the right pair of jeans and she can conquer the world.”

Who can resist good denim? It is basically a staple in every women’s closet.  To me, denim doesn’t have to be boring.  It can be more than just blue jeans – get creative with it.  After all, it does seem to be a on trend this summer season.

I’ve done some looking around on MISSGUIDED.COM, a site that I love because of how current the fashion trends are and how exceptional the price points are. I have shown here some essential pieces that embody a fun details, perfect for a cool girl summer look. The links to these items are able to be viewed by clicking on the picture.

Have a wonderful wednesday ūüôā

Piece #1. 90’s vibes with this adorable button up skirt. Espadrilles, a white tank and chic sunglasses is how I envision this piece.

jean skirt

Piece #2. Denim Diana. The jean jacket. Such a fashion trend. In then out, out then in. It’s made our way back to us – and I ain’t mad about it. Pair the jean jacket with almost any piece; dress, leather, jeans, skirts. You name it.

jean jacket

Piece #3. Overall I really like this one. Perfect for festivals, denim overalls will add a fun twist to any plain tee or tank. Combat boots or gladiator sandals are a great combo to accentuate the legs.

jean overalls

Piece #4. I have a distinct memory of my mom always trying to put me in the same jean dress during my elementary school days and me completely detesting it. Now, it’s one of my favorite styles. Casual, cool and chic. Dress it up or down.

jean dress

Piece #5. Denim doesn’t have to be blue. Make it green. Army green. I love this shade, it looks great with white or black tees/tanks. The details on these pants attracted me right away. Edgy without being over the top.

jean green

Piece #6. This color of denim is ideal for summer because it is light. The cool grey tone is nice for combining a neutral color palette. Good for the day and a night out on the town.

jean grey

Piece #7. White hot. The lace up detail from the ankle up to mid-calf create a unique style to these ever-chic white jeans. They will always be in style, adding a clean and crisp vibe to any look.

jean white


Check out MISSGUIDED and get these looks, or others, for yourself!

One Piece Chic | Summer Style 2016

Hello my loves! Wanted to quickly post today about one piece bathing suits since summer is basically here (where does the time go?!). ¬†So we’ve all seen the trend.. The return of the one piece. Does anyone else remember the days when a one piece was considered the ugliest thing in the world? It doesn’t seem that long ago. Anyways, I’ve drank the juice – you can count me sold to this trend.

I call it “One Piece Chic”. With the different cuts and cut outs one piece bathing suits come in these days it’s easy to still feel sexy and not too covered up. The options I have photographed in my featured image were both purchased at TJ Maxx for an insane deal! The coral suit is Ralph Lauren – originally $99 bought for $35. The patterned suit (obsessed!) is Nanette Lepore – originally $150 bought for $49. Not deals. Steals!

To wrap this rambling up.. I am so happy to have joined the one piece bandwagon. The cut of one pieces are so universally flattering, modern yet classic, and sexy but in a very grown up way. Needless to say, I’ll be “one piece chic” all summer long! xx – Len

Teni Panosian’s Vacation Style Diary


If you have not heard of her, Teni Panosian is a talented and smart beauty blogger – having platforms on Youtube,¬†as well as her own website, ¬†I’ve been watching Teni’s videos and reading her blog posts for about 2 years now. ¬†She is very inspiring and an exceptional role model for young females. ¬†I wanted to share a video (link below) of hers that is perfect for the upcoming summer months. ¬†In this video she shares both swim and outfit ideas for summer, or vacation. ¬†Every look she puts together is unique, chic and edgy at the same time. ¬†Take a look and give her some love! Xoxo, L

Teni Panosian’s Vaca Style Diary

Summer Lookbook | White Fox Boutique


Hi beauties! I put together 4 fashionable summer looks only using items from White Fox Boutique (one of my favorite Australian clothing stores). ¬†There are two day appropriate and two night appropriate looks, the looks are separated into “chic” and “casual” options. ¬†I paired each look with sunglasses and an accessory of my personal choice. ¬†The info and pricing for the items is included in linked descriptions. ¬†Hope this inspires you to branch out and explore this summer with your style ūüôā xo – Len

Look 1 – Daytime Chic. ¬†Look effortlessly pulled together with this matching set. ¬†Paired with Quay¬†Eyewear “My Girl Sunglasses Tort” and a unique ear cuff.


Matching Set | Quay Sunnies | Ear Cuff

Look 2 – Daytime Casual. ¬†Nothing goes better together than a white tee and jean shorts, but that doesn’t mean your tee needs to be boring. ¬†Off the shoulder detailing makes for a fun touch. ¬†Paired with Quay Eyewear “Kiss & Tell Sunglasses Rose Blue” and a rustic long choker.


White off the shoulder top | Quay Sunnies |  Rustic chic choker

Look 3 – Nighttime Chic. ¬†Nude is in. ¬†The color that is, for those of you with your mind in the gutter. ¬†I absolutely adore this playsuit, it is fun and flirty yet sophisticated at the same time. ¬†Perfect for a hot summer date night. ¬†Paired with Quay Eyewear “Gemini Sunglasses Rose Gold” and a vintage inspired chained belt that could be worn in place of the wrap around tie to dramatize the look.


Jumpsuit | Quay Sunnies | Vintage inspired belt

Look 4 – Nighttime Casual. ¬†This one is for my down to earth girls that like to stay comfy yet cute. ¬†A colorful, high-waisted bohemian skirt is perfect to spice up your outfit but still have a relaxed feel. ¬†This type of bottom can be worn with a tank tucked in or crop depending on your comfortability. ¬†Paired with Quay Eyewear “Kosha Sunglasses Clear” and an edgy arm cuff to match the bohemian vibe.


Bohemian skirt | Quay Sunnies | Arm cuff

70’s inspired springtime chic.¬†


I’ve been totally feeling these 70’s vibes lately. Busting out the bell bottoms, jumping into long jumpsuits.. What goes around comes around, especially in fashion. That’s what makes it so exciting, atleast in my opinion. I’m a little over 2 months postpartum so I’m slowly getting back into “normal” people clothes and these outfits made the whole process a little easier. Below are the outfit breakdowns. One is a more casual day look and the other is perfect for a night out on the town. With the exciting arrival of higher temps, blue skies and sunshine I felt inspired to blog these 70’s chic looks for spring.

  • Outfit #1: aviators – Jessica Simpson, ¬†top – One Love Clothing, jeans – Generra, wedges – Guess (entire outfit purchased at TJ Maxx. I swear they have the best bargains!)
  • Outfit #2: sunnies – Francesca’s, earrings – H&M, jumpsuit – Ralph Lauren

I hope these looks get you excited for your springtime wardrobe! Xo, L